Brownies & Lemonade

BROWNIES & LEMONADE ARE THROWING THE PARTIES L.A. DESERVES, and bringing their moves down under

Conceived as an alternative to the bars and frat parties at UCLA, Brownies and Lemonade has grown far beyond its initial reach and has successfully set itself apart as one of the most exciting event brands in Los Angeles at the moment. But how did an unknown brand become a major player in the LA nightlife scene in just a few years? It’s pretty simple, B&L operates around the principle of “if the music is dope, it deserves to be heard.” People have been drawn to the idea and look at the billing for any B&L event, it’s evident that it’s all about the music, but one of the most intriguing aspects surrounding the whole Brownies and Lemonade concept is who is booked on the lineups.